Blossom Jeju Pink Camellia Soombi Blooming Flower Cream

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SIZE  50ml

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The Blossom Jeju Pink Camellia Soombi Blooming Flower Cream is a luxurious
moituriser that helps to firm and hydrate the skin. It is also formulated
to strengthen the skin’s natural rejuvenation potential to prevent signs of

The face cream features a unique complex that includes shea butter, liquorice
and camellia oil to replenish the skin’s natural moisture barrier.
Powerful ingredients such as Adonesine and Bisabolol increases collagen
production, which help the skin to maintain its firmness, while protecting
from harmful environmental particles.
Your skin will look and feel brighter and more even.

Suitable For All Skin Types

Blossom Jeju
This skincare brand creates natural and cruelty-free products inspired by the beautiful
nature of Jeju Island in Korea. In particular the Camellia flower, which is used by the
women of this island. Blossom Jeju is all about natural and carefully selected high-quality
ingredients to bring the best out of your skin.